ReaperCon 2018 Day Two: Vendors

Day two of the convention, and I finally got a bit of a chance to wander around the vendor area a little more. Though I still need to do a bit more wandering. I made a start on a shopping list, but I’m sure there are still plenty of more treasures to tempt me…

If you’re interested, here’s a look at all of the great vendors and their awesome wares.

IMG 3654

IMG 3655IMG 3656IMG 3657IMG 3659IMG 3660IMG 3661IMG 3662IMG 3663IMG 3664IMG 3665IMG 3666IMG 3667IMG 3669IMG 3670IMG 3671IMG 3672IMG 3674IMG 3675IMG 3676IMG 3677IMG 3679IMG 3680IMG 3681IMG 3683IMG 3684IMG 3685IMG 3686IMG 3688

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