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Index to Key Blog Posts

How To Paint  Topics

How to make your paint jobs sturdy and long-lasting

Tips for how to paint object source lighting.

How to paint hair – reference photos and link to instructional video.

Study guide for practicing along with tutorials.

Common issues with contest entries.

Example of how to decide what order to paint areas on a figure.

How to make natural looking fur patterns. And another post with techniques for painting fur patterns.

Step by step for painting a kangaroo.

Tips for painting freehand.

Painting fantasy skintones: succubus 1, succubus 2, succubus 3.


Painting Contrast on Miniature Figures

More and less contrast demonstrated on the same figure.

Visual comparison of more and less contrast and lining on the same figure and between two figures.

Contrast versus Realism, and Why You Should Choose Contrast.

The power of light in creating contrast.

How to Paint with More Contrast Part I: Mindset.

How to Paint with More Contrast Part II: Visualizing Light and Methods of Paint Application.

Example of using lighting reference photo, then rough colour block-in, then details and refining on Caerindra Thistlemoore.

Example of using value mapping/grayscale (and freehand practice) on Sophie 2018.

Example of using value mapping/greyscale, then rough colour block-in, then details and refining on Dragon and Stocking.

Using a lighting reference photo, and the difference between cast and form shadows.


Colour and Paints

Anatomy of Colour – definitions and examples of key colour terms 

What is paint – binder, pigment, mediums, additives, dyes, inks, single pigment paints – what does it all mean!?

How to maintain your miniature paint collection.

A brief overview of a split complementary colour palette.

Choosing and testing a fall colour scheme on Stephanie Law bard figures.

Bones HD paint swatches (scans and photos), including the new Dungeon Dwellers colours.

Reaper Pathfinder paint preview.


Tips for Study and Practice

Tips for learning at a workshop or from a tutorial.

Why you should attend a workshop or bootcamp.

Who ‘should’ attend classes and workshops.

Why you should measure improvement by more than whether you’re just getting ‘better’.

Why I want you to fail.

Tips for how to set goals and expectations in miniature painting practice.


Paint Process Posts

Light, shadow, and colour for visual interest on the Bones V Hydra.

Colour choices and textured cloth on Madame Delia.

A not-quite analogous colour scheme, and the exact paints used for the Reaper Bones Black Efreeti.

Problem solving during the painting process. With Tara the Silent: part one, part two, part three, part four

The painting process and critique of awarding winning figure Promenade.


Miscellaneous Painting Topics

Display painting versus tabletop painting.

Tips for painting more when you lack time, space, and/or motivation.

Painting figures to match art – ReaperCon 2018 Sophie.

Unexpected paint desk tool – compressed air.

Mistakes were made. And that’s okay.


Convention and Show Information

Why you should go to a painting convention or show.

ReaperCon general information.

AdeptiCon general information.

IMPS shows include miniatures, and there may be one near you.

How to Teach Painting/Sculpting Classes Part 1: Why, Who, What, and Where


Miscellaneous Topics

Quick tips: painting eyes, triadic colour schemes, cloth patterns

The value of painting with friends.

Award winning figure Promenade.

My diorama Fool’s Gold.

Painting Stitch Thimbletoe with Pathfinder paint colours.

Art challenges for traditional artists and miniature painters.

Pictures of Archer the Heroic cat. First blog post!


Link Ups
Links to videos and pages that I have found instructive, and that you might, too.

Link Ups 2: Atlanta show photos, Reaper skin tones, colour theory 201 video, why it’s hard to see value accurately.

Link Ups 1: Colour theory 101, tips to choose colours, painting true metallics, my appearance on Reaper Live.


Convention Onsite Reporting and Photos

ReaperCon 2018 MSP Open Contest entries sampling.

ReaperCon 2018 Contest and general photo galleries.

ReaperCon 2018 Day One.

ReaperCon 2018 Wednesday Pre-Show.

ReaperCon 2018 Vendors.