Link Ups – November 8

I want to share some of the videos and information that help me learn or get me excited to work on projects, as well as general hobby news, so I’ve decided to do a periodic news/links round-up post.

Also I know my posting schedule has gotten to be a little erratic, but I’m working hard to get back on track!

In Praise of Mediocrity

I love the message of this short essay. The author theorizes that a lot of people don’t have hobbies because we increasingly feel that we need to perform something at an expert or professional level, or not at all. I think there are other people who do have hobbies, like miniature painting, but who torture themselves about whether they’re ‘good enough’. It’s okay to do something just to enjoy it, and to do it in the way you enjoy rather than some way you think you’re ’supposed’ to do it! I think that is actually what a hobby is meant to be. If you do it to an expert/professional level, it’s a calling/career/work/whatever you want to call it. (Which is more long the lines of what miniature painting is for me at this point, but my general artistic pursuits definitely fall more into the hobby category.)

Blogger Shout Out

Jen Greenwald is my blogging consultant. She is also an inspiration to me in how she doggedly and consistently pursues her miniature hobby goals. She takes classes and studies tutorials and seeks out feedback, but she also gets that butt in the chair time is really the key to improving. Which she very much has in the time that I’ve known her! If you enjoy regular work-in-progress updates, check out her blog. I always find it helpful to see WIP stages of what people work on as well as the end result.

Sculpting link

If you are at all interested in the sculpting side of miniatures, whether to do conversions, sculpt full figures, or just gain some insight into how the figures we paint come to be, you’ll enjoy this very thorough look at the process and tools that is chock full of excellent advice and fantastic pictures.

ReaperCon News

The dates and location for ReaperCon are set until 2023! The time – Labor Day weekend. The place – the Embassy Suites by Hilton Denton Convention Center. (Which I loved, so bright and clean and friendly!) If you need a reminder of why you should come to ReaperCon, here’s my previous blog post on the subject.

And my post about why you should go to one or another miniature convention:

Reaper Paint Lines Info

Last week’s episode of Reaper Live on YouTube features Reaper’s paint guru, Anne Foerster, briefly explaining the different paint lines and products that Reaper offers. And she’s working on a Toolbox show, so there will be a lot more info about paint in the future!

Art Book Submissions

ArtOrder is soliciting submissions to a shared world fantasy art book. They fund their books via Kickstarter, and share 50% of the profits amongst the contributing artists. I’ve been enjoying their previous project, Tiny Dragons. Read more about the shared world and the project at this link. I figure this will be more of interest to two dimensional artists, but I’m sure there’s a creative way to create a diorama or other three dimensional work to photograph for inclusion!

Please let me know in the comments if you found any of that useful, or if there are other types of information and links you’d like me to share in future installments of Link Ups.

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