Bones V Kickstarter Preview

Reaper Miniatures is back on Kickstarter, this time with Bones V!  (Late pledges are available.) The pledge total is already up to $1M! They started streaming on Twitch when the Kickstarter was live expecting to stream for an hour or so, and ended up live for seven hours

I was able to take pictures of some of the preview miniatures while I was at ReaperCon last month, and it looks like there are some pretty amazing figures coming our way. I hope to get a brush on some of these sooner or later…

Here are a few highlights, but you can see all of the pictures I took in an album on my Facebook page.

GPm+hj4HRU2KGGD5uBcY+A thumb 5c10

2nAUGwAvRoeM+9I SH7dKg thumb 5c58

+iQb0eaeR yozKtxF90btA thumb 5c07

I0WJbuXwTxi7dKcemef7aw thumb 5c3e

Iul8PbG6REmCfY3W4Fmcjw thumb 5c0e

Lgqv8s1oTQWKnnNKDmYOHQ thumb 5c20

K89yBVEkSHC1gd1r+ Au9A thumb 5bf1

GwQJ9mhPSXmrH80ZqvIABg thumb 5c0f

KikpgQlfQd+FY0k356OLYg thumb 5c37

UdsJr8wkRnW+f3mAokz9qw thumb 5bf5

LojL9 hjQwWaI4ek0FyGPA thumb 5c3c

GPm+hj4HRU2KGGD5uBcY+A thumb 5c10

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