Thoughts on Wheel of Time Episode Four

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I’ve been having a tough fandom time of late. I’d been rereading the Dresden Files series for a while now to catch up before reading the two most recent. The fight scenes have never been my favourite parts of the series, so it’s no shock that a book titled Battle Ground wasn’t going to be my favourite. Some of the shocks within the book were a lot, though. Then I watched the first two episodes of the new Sex and the City to cheer myself up with a little fluff, but that took a turn as well. So I figured, why not just go with the bummer fandom flow and dive into another episode of the Wheel of Time.

And… I liked it! It addressed a lot of the things that annoyed or disappointed me in the first three episodes! I got drawn in and really enjoyed my watch. I’m still going to write my as I watched possibly spoilery comments below, but if you were just here for the yay or nay, it’s a yay on episode four. I’m aware that some book readers aren’t pleased with things that happen in episode six, so I’m prepared for this not to last…

I do try not to be too specifically spoilery on plot and character stuff, but if you want to be very sure, turn back now.

Spoiler Memes

Opening in Ghealdan with Logain. Interesting. And great looking location. 

This is the best opening scene yet. There’s world building! I even like the costumes better!

The visualization of the Taint and the madness it causes is pretty cool. I didn’t think Logain was that far along the path of madness, but I might be misremembering.

I don’t think the show depicts the complexity of weaves and the different elemental threads and such in the way it is described in the books, but if I were tasked with bringing this to the screen I would probably also say ain’t nobody got time for that to that challenge too.

Kerene? So initially I thought this was a made-up Aes Sedai, which seemed weird because if there is one thing you don’t need to make up for the Wheel of Time, it’s another bit character. The characters Robert Jordan named could probably fill a small city. But I fact checked myself, and yep, she’s mentioned in the books, and so is her Warder named Stepin.

Shielding is depicted a little differently in the books. It’s hard to put one on someone, especially if they are strong and if they’re actively channeling, but once in place they’re easier to maintain. Either way, women of weaker power link to place and hold a shield like on Logain, it’s not something only the strongest of channellers can maintain. That is nickpicky book stuff, though. I don’t really have a problem with how it’s depicted in this episode, which creates more dramatic tension and helps demonstrate how strong Logain is. He’s not a run of the mill False Dragon.

C8ce4f16ce7354ddd1456d11967c4b81No not that kind. Photo by Melodi2 on Morguefile.

More world building!

And more colour! The Tinkers, but in general, too. So much better than last episode. Was there a change up in the costuming department?

Yet _more_ world building? Holy crap!

“The end of this Age is here.” I kinda feel the same way Alanna.

The Grinwell family!

Rand throws down some Two Rivers bow knowledge. I’m still waiting to see one of the boys let loose with a bow, though.

The Aes Sedai machinations and tensions are well-written.

More world-building. Is it my birthday or something? Where has this been all along? It’s almost too much in one episode.

We don’t get the whole legend, but the namedrop of Birgitte is a nice touch for book fans.

It in fact is easy to be a Green with two Warders. Or fun at least. ;->

Simon hurry ILtiWVCXQng unsplashPhoto by Simon Hurry on Unsplash.

I don’t recall there being a sort of Tinker Rumspringa in the books, but it makes sense enough.

Ouch, they aren’t grinning well anymore. Nice fake out (fade out?) with Mat in the scene at the beginning.

Alanna shows us why they call Green the Battle Ajah.

Nynaeve pulls off Mass Cure Wounds, or at the least Mass Healing Word. Still not sure she’d be my first pick for my dream D&D party though…

Is this the first time Nynaeve has used the Power in the TV version of events? (I mean ever, not just that we see on screen.) I guess I’ll have to wait until next episode to find out! I suspect so since Lan and Moraine were talking about how strong Egwene is, but Nyn is even stronger. Though that doesn’t entirely track since Moraine seemed to say if you have the spark it’ll manifest at the age of the other kids. But if Nyn had already done some unconscious channeling and survived the crisis then Moraine should have been able to sense her ability. Super nitpicky book stuff there I guess!

I wasn’t sure where they were going with Nynaeve and the Power in the first few episodes, but this was certainly a dramatic payoff!

Why didn’t you link more in the first place ladies?

Aziz acharki PUvPZckRnOg unsplashPhoto by Aziz Acharki on Unsplash.

5 thoughts on “Thoughts on Wheel of Time Episode Four”

  1. I agree with you and SOME of your points are things Jordan skipped out on such as Nyneave should have been sensed, et cetera. He mentions Moirane sensed her but she was too old and doing ok to worry with. This story missed it entirely. He also stated in the earlier books that they were not able to be sensed out right, then changed it around in later books. It is canon continuity issues.

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  2. I knew the series and the books where going to be different, but gosh. I’ll watch it and kept to myself, I suffered through Sanderson’s ending and all the strings that where left to dangle in the wind, I could not blame, Sanderson, his skill or the fact that author has left us. The world is what it is, but I always have my books.


    1. I’m glad I’m not the only one who feels that way about the ending. I had figured that it was Jordan’s wish that it end so, but it was a strange choice after all the endless detail about everything!


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