Looking Behind, Planning Ahead

Today marks the end of the solar year, and we’re in the lead-up to the end of the calendar year. It’s a good time for reflection on the year gone past, and doing some thinking about the year next to come. And this is just as relevant for our hobby interests as anything else in our lives! On this darkest day of the year (in northern climes), I’d love a little cheering up or food for thought by hearing about your hobby year.

What moments stand out to you from the past year? Did you experience revelations of learning? Did you find tools, processes, or techniques that helped you out? What did you make? What treasures did you add to your collection?

What are some of the less positive moments of your hobby life over the past year? And most importantly, are there lessons you can draw on from those to work on a plan to improve your hobby life next year? Resolutions are nice pithy proclamations, but I think it’s probably more helpful to reflect on your experiences and work to create more of a plan of action for how you might accomplish more of your hobby goals and avoid more of your hobby pitfalls in the year to come.