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Reaper is hard at working posting the videos from the Reaper Virtual Expo classes over on their YouTube channel. New videos are being added every day, but there is already plenty to enjoy.

Reaper Virtual Expo Class Video Playlist

My two class videos are posted and available to watch, so I thought I would share links and a little bit of information here in case any readers are interested in checking them out.

Members of my Patreon have access to PDF copies of the handouts for both classes. Their generous support allows me to take the time to write blog posts and make videos that are publicly available to all. To thank them, I provide some bonus Patron-only benefits from time to time.

Snake rust rve

Painting Scales
I demonstrate two different methods for painting scales. One is classic drybrushing and washing, and I share a lot of tips and tricks related to those techniques. The other is painting streaks to create a striated appearance on larger scales. That is based on a technique I first learned about in a tutorial over at Necromancer Tales Miniatures.

In the Scales video I reference another video I made about problem solving, so I’m including a link here for easy reference.

Additives, Mediums, and Texture Pastes, Oh My!
If you’ve ever wondered what is glaze medium, or should I use flow improver, this is the video for you. I explain what these products are and how they affect paint. I also demonstrate some cool products you can use for prepping miniatures, and in creating textures on bases.


I’m attaching a few photos I took after the class and posted on the RVE Discord. This one is what the acrylic retarder tests looked like by the end of class, so after about 90 minutes. 

IMG 0622

After the class I finished up the base I was working on at the end of the video, so there are also a couple of pictures of that. I added a stick to look like a log, and also sprinkled some gravel in a few places to add another type of texture. Variety of texture is good when you have big spaces like this.

IMG 0625

In this second picture you can see that you can build up the texture in peaks and valleys of varying thicknesses. You can build it higher than this through additional applications.

IMG 0627

These videos were recorded via Zoom. I personally have had some frustration with Zoom video quality watching other miniature and traditional art workshops and classes. It’s a great platform in a lot of ways, but I’d love to see them add an option to have higher video quality for the main presenter.

I have been pondering doing a recorded version of the Additives, Mediums, and Texture Pastes with higher quality video to better allow you to see the product comparisons. If that is something you would be interested to see, let me know.

I expect to have some other video news coming soon… But in the meantime, I’m off to watch all great classes I didn’t get a chance to see during Reaper Virtual Expo!

Miniatures in this Post

The Nagendra Warrior is available in Bones plastic and metal.
The Warg is available in Bones plastic and metal.

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