How Not to Suck

There is a guaranteed way not to suck. Or at least to suck less:

Keep practicing. 

In particular, deliberate, direct practice where you attempt to address your weak areas.

There is also a guaranteed way to avoid feeling like you suck:

Don’t do the thing at all. If you don’t do it, you can’t fail, or even feel like you fail.

These two methods are guaranteed to work, but they’re mutually exclusive.

If you do the thing, you are at least occasionally going to fail, and you are at least occasionally going to feel like a failure regardless of what others think of your results.

If you don’t do the thing, you won’t feel bad about failure. However, you will never be able to do the thing better. You will also deprive yourself of the moments of joy and satisfaction you get from doing the thing.

The choice is yours.

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This message has been brought to you by my current, and hopefully temporary, despondency over some recent traditional art study experiences. I have the exact same choices to make.

Chibi4 fade front full

The figures I painted were metal special edition releases from Hallowe’en 2014. They are now available in Bones plastic.

Van, Vampire
Drak, Man-Bat
Tish, Vampire

2 thoughts on “How Not to Suck”

  1. All artists struggle with this all the time. Sucking means you’re learning. Or maybe it just means you’re having a bad day. That’s okay. Keep painting. Keep making. Keep doing. I found a facebook meme that had a chart of “your best” set at various levels on various days. We ALL get it! :hugs:


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