Aaron Lovejoy Airbrush Classes in October

Just a quick note to let people know that Aaron Lovejoy will be running an online airbrush class in October 2021. You can sign up for the complete set of four classes, or buy just the ones that most interesting you individually. The classes include live video instruction, pre-recorded video instruction, and PDF handouts. One… Continue reading Aaron Lovejoy Airbrush Classes in October

Aaron Lovejoy Classes: Review

I previously reviewed Aaron Lovejoy’s Airbrushing 101 class. At the time I figured that was enough of an overview of Aaron’s attitude and approach to be helpful to other people deciding whether to take his classes. I found the experience of the Airbrushing 102 class revelatory enough that I started working on a review about… Continue reading Aaron Lovejoy Classes: Review

Vex Airbrush Impressions and October Airbrush Class Signups

I got my hands on a Reaper Vex airbrush! You can check out this page for technical specs and a link to some helpful videos. I gotta admit, it’s a sexy looking gadget. But can it possibly work as well for me as Aaron Lovejoy has claimed and demonstrated in his recent videos? I took it… Continue reading Vex Airbrush Impressions and October Airbrush Class Signups