Cold Temperatures versus Miniature Paints

Ko-fi tips help keep this content free. Patreon supporters receive PDFs with high res photos. Miniature paint doesn’t require a lot of special care and maintenance, but it can be damaged if exposed to freezing temperatures for an extended period of time. If you have paints in transit during a cold snap, or you’ve realized… Continue reading Cold Temperatures versus Miniature Paints

Paint Along Video Learn to Paint Kit Classes!

Dear mini painting friends - I need you! I need you to help us discover new mini painting friends! ReaperCon Online is a fun event for miniature enthusiasts. It’s also a unique opportunity to reach out to future miniature enthusiasts - people I couldn’t easily connect with at a traditional convention. To take advantage of… Continue reading Paint Along Video Learn to Paint Kit Classes!

Can I See the Light (to Paint)

If you like the work I do on this blog, please consider supporting it via my Patreon or a Ko-fi tip. I’d like to share some general thoughts on how to tackle projects that are ambitious or intimidate you, as well as a few tips on painting object source lighting (OSL). These are based on my… Continue reading Can I See the Light (to Paint)