Improvement is NOT Mandatory

Over the next couple of months I plan to post additional content related to contest feedback and improvement. But first, this very important message: You are not required to be able to speed paint great looking figures before you can play a game. You are not obliged to strive for the next medal/level/prize in order… Continue reading Improvement is NOT Mandatory

Go Beyond the Kit

Ko-fi tips help keep this content free. Patreon supporters receive PDFs with high res photos. Beyond the Kit is the name of my new video live stream show on the Reaper Miniatures Twitch channel! Episodes will also be archived on Reaper Miniature’s YouTube channel. Beyond the Kit airs live on Mondays from 2-4pm Central time… Continue reading Go Beyond the Kit

Paint Along Video Learn to Paint Kit Classes!

Dear mini painting friends - I need you! I need you to help us discover new mini painting friends! ReaperCon Online is a fun event for miniature enthusiasts. It’s also a unique opportunity to reach out to future miniature enthusiasts - people I couldn’t easily connect with at a traditional convention. To take advantage of… Continue reading Paint Along Video Learn to Paint Kit Classes!

I Want You to Fail

If you like the work I do on this blog, please consider supporting it via my Patreon or a Ko-fi tip. Last year I posted some suggestions for hobby resolutions, including tips for dealing with time and space issues. I also talked about how to make more successful resolutions. (Spoiler alert: focus on changes of your behaviour,… Continue reading I Want You to Fail