Snakeman: Critique and Touchup Comparison

The Patreon supporter PDF version of this article includes high res photographs and better formatting. Ko-fi tips are another way to help keep this content freely available to everyone. A lot of us want feedback on our miniatures to learn how we can improve. However, when we do get some advice, we can find it… Continue reading Snakeman: Critique and Touchup Comparison

Improvement is NOT Mandatory

Over the next couple of months I plan to post additional content related to contest feedback and improvement. But first, this very important message: You are not required to be able to speed paint great looking figures before you can play a game. You are not obliged to strive for the next medal/level/prize in order… Continue reading Improvement is NOT Mandatory

Halloween Fun from Reaper Miniatures

The Patron PDF copy of this post includes a few bonus work-in-progress pictures. I think most miniatures fans love Halloween, and I’m certainly no exception! Reaper Miniatures has some Halloween treats available, including some special edition Bonesylvanians. I painted many of these when they first came out, so I thought I would share photos with… Continue reading Halloween Fun from Reaper Miniatures

Common Feedback Issues Index

Ko-fi tips help keep this content free. Patreon supporters receive PDFs with high res photos. Have you ever wanted to pick the brain of a miniature painting contest judge? Or get feedback from an experienced painter and teacher on your painting? While we all love personalized feedback, it has been my experience both as a… Continue reading Common Feedback Issues Index